On my very first gig at age eleven I realized I was going to be a musician. This was confirmed for me at age fourteen when the local representative of the musicians’ union visited my father to inform him that I had to join because I was “taking work away from union musicians”. One of my early music teachers taught me that there are only two types of music: good and bad.
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All types of music have good players and good music, whether it's Western music styles such as classical, jazz, rock country, and funk, or the exotic tones of raga, gamelan, shakuhachi, erhu or oud of the East. The desire to be involved with good music has gotten me involved in professional projects with musicians from a wide variety of musical backgrounds and cultures.
The common language of music has been an important mode of communication for me throughout my life. Whether performing in a tux in concert halls in NYC or in performances on the beaches of Florida, speaking to my audience through music has enabled me to express my inner spiritual beliefs. Music is part of the connection between humans and our planet. We celebrate who we are and what we believe in, communicating in a way that is of the Earth. I’ve been lucky to have spent my life in pursuit of ever more fulfilling music. I always look forward to sharing my musical vision with new audiences, and meeting and experimenting with new musicians and styles.